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Who Are We?


With over 20 years of experience in the Israeli guided tours industry, Guided Limousine Tours is a network of well-coordinated, experienced professionals who are passionate about making visitors feel comfortable in their visit in Israel.

Guided Limousine Tours’ commitment to excellence is manifested by the Company’s strict self-set standards of professionalism, responsibility, service, luxury and discretion.

Thanks to a unique combination of professionals from different fields, the Guided Limousine Tours team structures tailor-made transportation and tour accommodation packages.

This way our clients can enjoy a comprehensive service that meets their specific needs and preferences throughout their stay.

At Guided Limousine Tours we believe our expert personnel are the Company’s valuable assets. Therefore, our tour guides have been selectively chosen to join our team based on education, language skills, previous experience and personality.

Our guides, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, undergo advanced study each year to make sure their know-how is up to date and to renew their professional certification as required by the State. In addition, our guides are trained to lead tours in any desired language.

Aside from English and Hebrew, we offer tours and services in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages upon request.

Guided Limousine Tours is here for you! Contact us to plan your upcoming visit to Israel and we will make sure all details are taken care of.


All you need to do is simply enjoy your stay!


GLT Israel - Your private tour guide in Israel