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Do I need a visa to travel to Israel?

All visitors to Israel must hold valid passport for at least six months duration from the date they enter to Israel.

People with no nationality must hold a valid laissez passer, as well as a visa back to the country that issued it.


Citizens of the below listed countries will be issued tourist visas free of charge at every port or entrance terminal to Israel:

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany (Persons born after 1.1.28), Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
Asia & Oceania: Australia, Fiji Islands, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea
Africa: Central African Republic, Losoto, Malawi, Mauritius, South Africa, Swaziland
The Americas: Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, St. Kitts, & Nevis, Surinam, Trinidad, & Tobago, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Uruguay, U.S.A.



Is it possible to travel to Jordan or Egypt from Israel?

Definitely yes. It is possible traveling between Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

It is also recommended checking with the relevant embassies if you need a visa for those countries.



The electric current in Israel uses 220V/50Hz AC power supply.

The Israeli sockets are three-pronged variety and also accept some of the European two pronged plugs.

Electric shavers, traveling irons and other small appliances may require adapters and/or transformers, which can be purchased locally in Israel or during your flight here.



Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers starting of April till beginning of October,

It generally has mild winters between November and March

The coldest days are somewhere between December to February.


To find out the weather in Israel now, visit this link.



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